KINETIC® Dynamic Anterior Cervical Plate System

KINETIC® Dynamic Anterior Cervical Plate System

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The KINETIC Dynamic Anterior Cervical Plate System is an innovatively designed plate that offers up to 2mm of dynamization per level.  Unlike several other first generation dynamic plates, KINETIC’s distinctive design allows for a large graft window as well as generous screw angulation.  The KINETIC plate is internally dynamized and virtually eliminates the possibility of adjacent level abutment.  Each level can be installed as dynamic or fixed depending on the surgeon’s preference.

Key Features

  • Up to 2mm of fully adjustable internal dynamization per level
  • Pre-lordosed plates ranging in length to accommodate 1-5 level procedures
  • Low profile plate
  • Bone screws available with standard or fast turn thread designs in both fixed and variable angle configurations
  • Secure-Snap locking mechanism that prevents screw rotation and back out while allowing for generous screw angulation

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